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  • Model: H86-2164

HC factory custom diffirent size educational building blocks for sale


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Size: 72*32*24cm

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HC factory  custom diffirent size  educational  building blocks for sale

HC factory  custom diffirent size  educational  building blocks for sale

product manual:

Our desktop children's toys production process sophisticated, durable performance, stitching simple and convenient, all removable design,

Our desktop children's toys for kindergartens, nurseries, early education centers, shopping malls, families, children's training institutions to use, small footprint.

The characteristics of our desktop children's toys: Kids exercise independent coordination and creativity, but also conducive to children's self-protection awareness. Very suitable for a lively personality Its clever design, color harmony, clever combination of various parts of the plastic, the development of brain thinking, understanding of different colors.

Our desktop children's toys are a very good quality of a large particles to take toys, spelling plug tight environmental protection material, without any smell

Our desktop children's toys you can rest assured that the baby to play, easy to grasp, specifically to exercise the hand smart in order to achieve the promotion of brain development, and play the baby's borderless imagination, our desktop children's toys without any fixed pattern arbitrarily play !

Our desktop children's toys give children a safe, enjoyable and lively feeling.

HC factory  custom diffirent size  educational  building blocks for sale

HC factory  custom diffirent size  educational  building blocks for sale