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  • Model: H26-1906

Kids Park With Slide playground toy


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Kids Park With Slide playground toy

Kids Park With Slide playground toy

Environmental Material: Safety is more important than anything

Environmental material: non-toxic and tasteless

Material: GB steel iron, imported food grade non-ferrous plastic, FRP.

Process: iron products after rust-proof degreasing paint spraying, the use of high temperature electromagnetic paint technology,

strong anti-rust performance, the game is a full-plate carbon steel plate stamping, drilling holes on the surface of the platform

with anti-skid effect, Slides and barrels are made of imported food-grade plastics that are cast by advanced vacuum rotomolding

technology and contain anti-static and anti-UV ingredients for long lasting color.


Kids Park With Slide playground toy

Features: According to the children's hobbies and hobbies well-designed unique and ever-changing game content,

fashionable and colorful, do not fade, durable, strong solid, the products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification


Our Playground is Strong,Safty,Also Multifunction for Kids Fun.All Kids like to play on it .

All Strength in all aparts about the playground . Every position is specially for children.

As It Is Environmental Healthy,Safty Non toxic, So kids Can Play without Worry.



Kids Park With Slide playground toy

Our Playground is Strong Good Quality,Wear-resistant crack, stitching firm

Application: a variety of occasions, maternal and child stores, Western restaurants, amusement parks, kindergartens


Supporting facilities: Kids Ride,Kids Car,Swing Sets,Seesaw,Climbing,Fitness,Eva Mats,Rubber Mats etc